Effective implementation of digital solutions


We realize that our clients may need an expert they do not have on their team to accomplish a specific task. This expert must possess the right knowledge, experience and skills in a specific area to deliver business value. The client may not want to hire  such a specialist on a permanent basis, incur the cost of recruitment, waste time on it, risk downtime or the need to find another solution.

Also from the specialist's point of view, such a form of collaboration offers more flexibility. Not everyone has broad enough range of competencies to always be assigned the right tasks, and not everyone is able to effectively and independently find  customers to  offer their services to.

We know how to combine both approaches, as we have been providing dedicated teams of specialists to implement our customers' business initiatives for several years. We know how to match skills and what to pay attention to both in the area of hard and soft competencies, so that the team comes together quickly and can start working effectively.

Our teams have worked in the body leasing model for both commercial and public customers. We have carried out and continue to perform work in niche areas, such as clinical trial management systems for EvidentIQ, where our developers, testers, product owners and scrum masters work. We've also provided services to  large prominent government entities like the General Office for Construction Supervision where with a team of analysts, project managers, graphic designers, UX/UI specialists and implementation experts we’re implementing the SOPAB and ZONE systems.

If you have an idea and would like to entrust its implementation to an experienced and close-knit team – here we are!