Solutions for industries

We operate in the public (government and local government), banking, finance, insurance, sales and distribution, energy and industry, e-commerce, mutual funds and medical markets.

Solutions for the financial and insurance industry

Financial industry companies are the fastest growing organizations in the market in terms of informatization. We offer solutions with one of the main priorities being to ensure security requirements compliant with the KNF Cloud Communication directives and the Banking Law.

We offer solutions:

Solutions for local governments and administration

The administrative and local government sector is looking for solutions that will significantly reform processes related to data processing, digital security or citizen service. Budgetary organizations are seeking to reduce the office maintenance costs, improve the quality of citizen, and enhance efficiency of employees. The solutions we offer are the answer to the need for building a modern administration.

Solutions for sales and distribution

We offer solutions to simplify your purchasing process, integrate sales channels, raise customer service standards, and enhance your competitiveness. Choose solutions dedicated to the Retail industry and take advantage of the opportunities offered by AI.

Solutions for energy and industry

For the energy and industry sectors, operational reliability and security are top priorities. We offer solutions that meet these requirements, while guaranteeing the ability to implement and use systems that unify both traditional and modern telecommunications technologies.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience

We have extensive know-how in the field of design and integration of systems which we use during our cooperation with the customer. We assist our customers at every stage of implementation.

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Magdalena Pisarczyk-Czekaj

IT Projects Director


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