Take advantage of the AI mechanism in the form of a Virtual Assistant


Are you looking for a dedicated chatbot that resembles the style of your brand? We create chatbot systems that have the functionality of a fully customizable intelligent assistant:

We create chatbot systems with the functionality of a fully configurable intelligent assistant:



The way the Virtual Assistant works

Our virtual assistant conducts the conversation in natural language using machine learning. It ensures a human-like conversation flow leading to expected results

Simulates a natural conversation between people

Maintains a conversational state

Gathers information obtained during the conversation

Its biggest advantages are:

Speed of learning
Steering the conversation
Switching conversations
Maintaining the context of the conversation
Entity recognition
Question clarification feature
Different types of responses

What do you gain from our chatbot system?

A best-fit, integrated Virtual Advisor system for your business that can be customized, unlike boxed solutions. We offer an intuitive interface for creating dialogues and training to upgrade  and build up the tool.