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Professional phone and video communication systems for business, suitable for any type of work - online, in-office or hybrid. Avaya, Poly, Logitech

Tools for remote work

Are you looking for tools to improve the work of your team? Do you care about quality relationships during hybrid and online meetings?

We offer professional, modern equipment and applications for communication that:

Will ensure high quality communication within your team

It is tailored to the needs of your customers and partners around the world

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Description of Avaya's solutions

Professional audio and video communication systems for the company's business - Avaya, suitable for any type and way of working:

Voice communication systems for large organizations Avaya Aura Avaya Aura | Business Platform for Unified Comms & Customer Experience

Voice Communication Systems for Small and Medium-Sized Business Avaya IP Office Avaya IP Office | Proven Communications System for your Small or Medium-Size Business

Avaya Meetings secure on-premise video conferencing systems

Professional, Cloud-based Team Collaboration and Meeting Tool Avaya Spaces Avaya Spaces | Cloud -Based Team Collaboration App for Business

IP and VoIP phones, video phones, audio conference phones Avaya Devices and Phones | Browse Our Catalog

Videobars for conference rooms Avaya devices and telephones | Browse our catalog

Avaya audio and video communication systems

Poly video solutions

For conference rooms and personal handsets and headsets

Poly Studio "all-in-one" conference videobars

Poly Blackwire, Voyager, Encore headphones

Poly Sync hands-free kits

Poly Edge phones, VVX

Poly video solutions
Narzędzia do pracy zdalnej
Narzędzia do pracy zdalnej

Logitech video conferencing kits and cameras

Logitech Rally Bar conference videobars for different sized meeting rooms

Logitech BRIO Cameras

"all-in-one" docking stations with hands-free system - Logi Dock

application to launch, maintain and manage devices through Logitech's cloud-based SYNC application.

Logitech Product Catalog

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