Genesys Cloud CX solutions

We offer modern, consistent, agile and personalized customer service. We implement scalable systems tailored to your needs.We use Genesys Cloud CX™ (GCCX) technology. We create comprehensive all-in-one contact center solutions available in the public cloud, as well as innovative platforms for the development of cloud services. We help you build advanced systems that integrate multiple communication channels, different locations, supported by additional analytical systems, reporting systems and process optimization software.

We use: Speech Analytics, Predictive Dialing System PDS, IVR solutions.

The most important features of the systems offered are:


Communication through social media

Precise Reporting

Integration with Business Applications


Modern, consistent, efficient and personalized customer service

Genesys Cloud CX™ (GCCX) is both a comprehensive all-in-one contact center solution available in the public cloud and an innovative platform for cloud service development. The solution provides the broadest and most advanced set of functionalities available in one complete CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) solution.

Genesys Cloud was designed from the beginning to speed up the deployment process, reduce complexity and simplify administration. Native cloud architecture allows for continuous and systematic development of the platform and guarantees access to the latest technologies. This means that the customer gets access to any enhancements and fixes as soon as they appear on the Genesys Cloud platform.

Genesys Cloud allows you to manage all your contacts and analyze current trends. Consultants and employees have access to real-time information, so the company can take care of customer satisfaction.