Outsourcing of IT professionals

We deliver software tailored to the specific requirements of each customer as a result of a detailed analysis of the industry’s characteristics, target users, and required functionalities. We use the Domain Driven Design approach.

Gain flexibility and control over your IT projects with our outsourcing specialists!

You need:

Deliver an IT project quickly and efficiently?

Adapt the team to changing project needs?

Avoid a cumbersome recruitment process?

We have a solution:

Outsourcing IT professionals from yarrl

We offer:

Access to a wide range of highly qualified IT experts

Integrated teams ready to work or individual specialists

Ability to easily scale the team as needed

Seamless replacement of consultants as needed

A motivated and competent team

Our offering allows you to customize your team to meet changing project needs. You can easily increase the number of specialists during periods of intensive work, and then reduce it when the demand decreases. This guarantees optimal use of time and resources, with full control over the project.

We work with a wide range of clients, engaging directly in their projects. We offer integrated teams ready to work or selected experts in a specific field, adapting to individual needs.

We support projects in all current technologies:






Graph databases






With us, you will gain:

Saving time and money

Full control over the project

Guarantee of timely execution

High quality services

Test Driven Development

Take advantage of our experience and achieve your IT goals!

Among our clients are major public market institutions such as the Ministry of Finance, PFRON and GUNB. We also have a large share in supporting the production of software for clients in the commercial market, implementing, for example, systems to support clinical trials, leasing their products or for hotel chains.

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Anna Zawadzka

Sales Director

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