Canal+ a leader in the international market of the media and entertainment industry

Project underway for Canal + Poland S.A. in 2023


An international market leader in the media and entertainment industry, offering satellite and cable TV packages, as well as a streaming platform. It offers digital content, including movies, series, sports, documentaries and other programs. Canal+ is an enterprise, with a customer base that includes subscribers worldwide.

Resale implemented by external entities

Due to the ever-increasing number of subscribers in Poland, Canal+ decided to outsource part of its hotline and telesales service. This step was a guarantee, an easier, faster and more convenient form of dealing with customers, and at the same time was expected to induce an increase in the level of satisfaction of recipients of Canal+ services.


The assumptions of the external hotline and dossier have achieved the intended results in terms of improved customer service.  Customer service is faster, and reported issues are resolved most often in one contact with the Hotline.

The process of selecting an Outsorbing company

Our business partner was guided by the following business goals:

  • Profit: By outsourcing some of its services to an external contact center, including telesales, Canal+ wanted to focus on implementing attractive new features in its offerings, without sacrificing quality customer service. The external CC was to support the process of promptly fixing any failures with subscribers, responding to any inquiries, and, on occasion, informing subscribers about new products on offer. These activities were expected to positively increase customer satisfaction and regularly increase the value of Canal+'s portfolio.
  • Operational efficiency: Outsourcing the contact center was to support Canal+ in focusing on the bottom line, achieving professional and efficient service. A professional team of properly trained Consultants was to handle each type of request, effectively removing technical difficulties, while preventing complaints, saving the time required to handle more complex cases.
  • Scalability: With the outsourcing, Canal + wanted a very flexible way to adjust the size of the remote customer service team to the amount of traffic generated. The company wanted to make changes and additional services easily, as depending on the needs, the external contact center should be able to put a team to work to answer every call, email, chat message and provide detailed information in real time to any interested subscriber.
  • Cost control: Outsourcing was to strengthen the process of optimizing and reducing the costs associated with maintaining and managing the customer service department. Recruitment, training and implementation, developing the team's competencies, or providing the appropriate infrastructure are just some of the costs transferred from Canal+ to an outside company. Regardless of all the variables in the market, thanks to outsourcing Canal+ pays for real hours worked and is able to plan these expenses with great precision, which facilitates cost control, cost reduction and thus improves the company's liquidity.

Implementing contact center outsourcing services is a strategy for Canal+ to focus on its core needs while improving customer service and operational efficiency.

Stages of implementation

  1. Analysis and planning, i.e. precise determination of needs, responsibilities and next implementation steps. At this stage, representatives of each department of our Contact Center (Contact Center Coordinator, IT, infrastructure department, analysis and reports department, as well as recruitment and training department) discussed and agreed with the Client on the scope of activities and deadlines for the next milestones. Dozens of e-mails sent, cyclical conversations and face-to-face meetings made it possible to polish the process to the proverbial last button. A clear map of the process was created, where everyone was able to carry out the tasks entrusted to them and make a contribution to the starting project.
  2. Data migration and systems integration so that Canal + customers can be served to an equally high standard by Lockus Consultants and Canal +'s internal call center. VPN channel, backup telecommunication link, effective CC system, access to Canal + resources, data and information protection safeguards are just some of the elements that today constitute the foundation of our effective and efficient cooperation. Every day, our IT, analysis and reporting departments guarantee a trouble-free, uninterrupted operation for Canal+, providing service, reports and customer service tools of the highest level.
  3. Recruitment and training for Consultants and Project Personnel involving the selection of candidates according to an established profile and a series of training courses, both substantive, technical and soft skills. Our client audited the process to avoid corrections at a later stage. The result of the audit was another motivator for us to move forward - we are really good at the subject of training!
  4. Conducting tests and launching the project. The entire team was involved in the final stage of the process. The results of the tests indicated the directions of necessary changes and joint development of optimal solutions to achieve the intended benefits.


  • Demand is delivered at times of increased traffic - the majority of calls from all hotline traffic are answered,
  • Sales targets are being met - achieving more than 110% of the target set by Canal+,
  • Increasing Business Partner volume well beyond expectations in this regard,
  • Achieve high productivity - The customer pays for real, professional service.

The project has been ongoing for several years.  In the cooperation, flexibility proved to be key, both in the operation (the client's demand constantly matched to the traffic) and in making the necessary changes to maximize the time of, for example, report generation. Today, reports are delivered in real time. CC's effectiveness can be seen at any time by the coordinator on the Canal+ side, both in the calls handled and their duration or sales conversion. Entrusted KPIs are realized. Each contact with a customer who needs assistance is an opportunity to further tailor the service package and program offerings in a given caller's subscription. The project achieves the business objectives set by Canal+.